Bass Lessons with Magnus Sjöquist

Magnus Sjöquist

In 2010 I stumbled across a new and wonderful little bass instrument.

It became a spark that re-ignited my passion for bass playing. I had found the ukulele bass!

I started playing bass in the early ’80s and finding these new tools to express my love for music was pure joy. So much joy in the fact that I put in countless hours getting to know the ukulele bass.

For the last 10 years, I have played my ukulele basses in lots of different musical styles to see how they fit.

I have been teaching bass professionally since 1996 when I got my Master of Fine Arts in Music Education degree at a Swedish University. I decided to share my experience and started writing a book on how to play the ukulele bass.

I have to this date released one book; “Learn to play the ubass – basic techniques.”

It’s divided into four lessons that will help new bass ukulele players to get to know the instrument and get a good foundation. This ranges from tips on how to best hold the instrument to plucking and fretting hand techniques. It also contains a basic harmony lesson.

This is not available as a printed book. I opted for but as an interactive e-book that’s available in two formats; through iBooks for OSX and iOS and e-pub (for PC, Google Chrome)

The benefits of this format are, in my opinion, massive. It’s an all-inclusive way to learn!

The ebook contains text, picture gallery’s, multi-angle video, an interactive word-list that helps to deepen the knowledge, end of lesson self-check questions and more!

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