Bass Lessons with Moto Fukushima

Moto Fukushima

I have been teaching bass/Harmony/composition lessons since 2000.

The most important aspect of my lesson is planning the practice plan and method which fits you. I’ve been trying so many ways to practice the past 30 years. (and of course many failures) There is no real shortcut, but I’m very confident to offer the most effective method.

Also, I would like to share my experience as the touring musician (with House of Waters, Snarky Puppy, etc).

I am applying a western classical music method to electric bass, which makes my technique distinctive. That unique approach would help to expand our possibility of bass performance and composition.

Lesson topics: How to practice, set goals/Jazz Improvisation/South American Rhythms/Chordal technique/Advanced harmony and reharmonization/Composition.

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