Chance Wilder Onody: The Music That Was Us

Chance Wilder Onody: The Music That Was UsChance Wilder Onody performs all 100 Bass instrumental parts in The Music That Was Us. He is joined by the incredible drummer Doane Perry of the GRAMMY® Award-winning band Jethro Tull.

The Music That Was Us is a symphonic instrumental masterfully mixing genres of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical and Folk to create an emotionally engaging musical experience. Every intricate element in this sweeping lyrical recording has its place in telling the story through multiple instruments and layers of melodies and counter melodies.

Onody performs the 100 instrumental parts all on bass and extended range basses with the exception of the piano and keyboard.

Besides the 5 string electric bass and Double Basses, he used extended-range basses, these were the“Piccolo Upright” both 4 & 5 string electric cellos tuned like a bass; the “Super Piccolo Upright” which is 4 & 5 string electric violins tuned like a bass and played in a caddy, and an acoustic piccolo bass guitar.

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