Jim Déguédine: Gaston the Cat

Jim Déguédine

Inspired by music of all kinds (Primus, RHCP, Hendrix, Pastorius, Wu-tang, Opeth, Gojira, Miles Davis, Jarv, etc.), but also by those from here (Desjardins, Plume, Adamus, Monon ‘ c Serge, The Colocs, QRBP, Groovy Aardvark, etc.), the band with eclectic inspirations, launch to the four winds groove-funky melodies that catch the public effectively.

Dynamics on stage (multi-instrumentalists, sequences, etc.) is completed by visual atmospheres of a unique universe (luminous drum, characters, etc.) to give a complete experience to the audience.

Music video from “Gaston the Cat”, the continuation of Beelzebub of the Colocs and a tribute to Primus / Adamus:


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