Craig Martini: Thought of Everything

Craig Martini: Thought of EverythingCraig Martini has released his debut album, Thought of Everything. The bassist, who has performed with artists ranging from Phil Collen to Colin Hay, recorded the whole album using just his bass, his voice, and drum loops.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this! This record has taken 2 years of 7 days a week writing, recording, re-writing, recording again, repeat… to make it the best I could possibly make it,” Martini shared on Facebook. “It’s finally done, and I’ve already started a few new ones for my next record!”

Buy/listen to Thought of Everything:

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Thought of Everything Track List:

  1. Thought of Everything
  2. Moonrise Tonight
  3. Side of the Road
  4. Whoa!
  5. Right Where You Belong
  6. Ridin’ Low
  7. Secrets You keep
  8. Pain (Here Comes the Rain)
  9. Alright With Me
  10. The Way I Feel
  11. Still Here
  12. Always Find My Way Home

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