Daniel Toledo: Fletch

Daniel Toledo: FletchDaniel Toledo is an Ecuadorian bass player and composer who considers Poland his second home. A great deal of credit for it goes to Pianohooligan (Piotr Orzechowski), who became Toledo’s friend while studying at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. My friendship with Orzechowski got sealed by two albums recorded as a trio.

With his Quartet, they recorded the album Fletch, the newest offer where Daniel is both a leader and a composer. This time the group has a new member Kuba Wiecek. The group is completed with an amazing and accomplished drummer Michal Miskiewicz- active for over 25 years, who has worked together with Tomas Stanko, Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski, or Marcin Wasilewski.

Our sound is a product of many ideas, inspirations, and cultures. What we find to be the most important factor is communication. However, what is equally essential is preserving our own character and individuality. Owing to that fact each one of us is capable of getting the band to the point, where we all can create something new and surprising- admits Toledo.

Immediately recognizable style of Wiecek, breath-taking, unpretentious, full of erudition Orzechowski’s play, natural swing, and composing skills of the leader and versatility of Miskiewicz merge together in an incredibly natural way. All those elements create music, which on one hand impresses with maturity, perfect production, and execution, and on the other hand with absolute nonchalance, young energy, and freshness.

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