John Ferrara: A Harmony of Opposites

John Ferrara: A Harmony of OppositesJohn Ferrara has been releasing music with his trio Consider The Source for years and more recently his duo with percussionist Seth Moutal. For the past few years, he’s been crafting mind-boggling solo bass cover songs and originals. Now, Ferrara has unleashed his first solo album, entitled A Harmony of Opposites.

The eight-song collection is filled with five original tracks and three covers including Philip Glass’ “Glassworks”, Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie”, and Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush”. The covers alone help to paint a picture of the album’s expansive palette.

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Watch Ferrara perform the title track:

A Harmony of Opposites Track List:

  1. Ben Franklin Hair
  2. Glassworks
  3. Gymnopedie
  4. Pictures of Nothing
  5. Plush
  6. Pluto Is A Planet
  7. Glassworks
  8. Songer

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