Peekaboom: We Are Peekaboom

Peekaboom: We Are PeekaboomPeekaboom’s first studio album, We Are Peekaboom features the duo of bassist Simone Masina and vocalist Angelica Lubian. Their playful improv session gave birth to a video, a cover version of the hit “Always on the Run” by Lenny Kravitz, performed in an acoustic minimal interpretation. Uploaded on YouTube just for fun, the video immediately gained curious attention and enthusiastic approval on the web, reaching tens of thousands of views and sharings worldwide in the first few weeks. The cover gets the appreciation of Kravitz as well, who comments their video: “Love it! Thank you for your interpretation. Respect”.

And so the journey of Peekaboom begins, a game poised between tradition and innovation, an explosive combo of voice, double bass and electronics, strengthened by their live impact and the affinity of their performance, the hallmarks of this unique duo.

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