YYNOT: Resonance

YYNOT: ResonanceThe second original album by hard rock band YYNOT entitled “Resonance” was released on September 19, 2019.

The record was once again produced and written by the band’s guitarist Billy Alexander. “Resonance” takes over where the debut album left off with a blend of strong musicianship, driving riffs, thoughtful lyrics and ear-catching hooks.

YYNOT was formed in 2015 almost by accident when Guitarist/Producer Billy Alexander (FEEL, John Waite) attended the band Rush’s final show on their R40 tour and watched as the band performed their catalog in reverse chronological order, capturing Alexander’s nostalgic imagination. The concert rekindled his love of the band from his childhood and musical formative days.

Alexander wrote and recorded an instrumental he titled “YYNOT” as both a musical exercise and a tribute to the band that gave him so much inspiration. The piece contained many nods to Rush’s early albums that were such a strong influence on him as a young musician. The ‘tongue in cheek’ title later became used as an official band name.

Enter bassist Tim Starace who Alexander reached out to after seeing his jaw-dropping bass covers on social media. The two men decided it would be fun to form an online collaboration of video Rush covers but they needed a vocalist who could accurately capture the range and spirit of the 70’s and 80’s material.

Through a friend, Alexander was suggested to check out a then 19-year-old vocalist name Rocky Kuner. Alexander viewed a video of Kuner performing a ferocious cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” while she was in high school!

Alexander continued to write original songs for the project by also keeping the sonic stylizations of band’s like Rush to go alongside the cover videos the band was cranking out and getting rave responses to. When Alexander and Starace made the decision to take the band out on the road they recruited veteran studio/touring drummer Joel Stevenett (She Daisy, Jo Dee Messina). The two were blown away by Stevenett’s precision and musicality.

YYNOT just released their second album “Resonance” with Alexander once again sitting behind the producer’s chair as well as composing the songs for the album. YYNOT will continue to tour in support of the album throughout 2019.

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